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Advisory and Management Consulting

Everyone benefits from having someone in their corner. And it’s even better to have someone with a lot of experience and expertise.

BBA Accounting has been around for more than 25 years and employs some of Vancouver’s brightest chartered professional accountants. In more than two and a half decades, we have seen countless businesses come and go, industries grow and shrink. And through it all, we have helped many clients succeed to heights they never thought possible.

Our consulting and advisory services are in place to help you grow and succeed. We will get to know your business from the ground up and identify opportunities you might have overlooked. Our consulting services offer a new vantage point so you can see your business and its trajectory in a new light.

If you tap into our collective experience, you will see the benefits it can bring to your business, no matter what stage your business is at. We can help you define your goals and point out potential hurdles; because of our exposure to so many businesses and industries over the years, we can point out new paths to take to achieve your goals. Maybe we can even help you aim your target a little higher.

The advantage of our perspective is far reaching. We’ve seen businesses succeed and others fail, we know that what works in one industry might not work in another. Therefore, we can help new and established businesses alike integrate what we have learned.

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If you are thinking about ways to grow your business and want someone in your corner offering advice and shining a spotlight on new opportunities, consider contacting us. Our team of professionals offers customized packages that work for you, so that you are able to define and achieve your goals for your business.

Our advisory and management consulting services can be put to work for any business in any industry. At BBA, our experience can be put to work for you.

Contact us at either of our downtown Vancouver or West Vancouver offices to set up an appointment.